From advertisers:
“Metro Chinese Weekly restored our confidence in the Philadelphia Asian Markets. With the previous attempts on full pages ads each week for a year on two other Chinese papers, a Korean paper and Vietnamese paper, we only got 9 sales from the ad campaign the whole year. Before we pulled out the Asian markets completely, Metro Chinese started and told us that they have a total new way of running the business, we tried 3 months with Metro Chinese Weekly alone, and surprisingly we sold 8 BMW in 3 months. Now we have been only advertising with Metro Chinese for the past 2 years!”
~ Ed Gambone, General Manager, BMW of Main Line

“The results from the two campaigns for our housing projects exceeded our expectation. Anything we do in the future with the Asian American advertising, the team at New Mainstream Press will be our first choice.”
~ Maurice Brown, Philadelphia Housing Authority

“5 new business clients in a row for commercial insurance signed up with us was from Metro Chinese last month, we know the paper is working for us. My manager has been telling me how much phone calls they receive each week.”
~ Alan Liu, owner, A-Best Insurance

Since we placed a full page promotional ad for our cigar wholesale products on Metro Chinese Weekly July 2007, many Chinese retailers called in and stopped in, the traffic from Chinese community more than doubled in 3 months.
~ Paul Kim, Vice President, S&K Imports

We did 3 weeks of 1/2 page promotion on two Chinese newspapers for our 3 year store anniversary, though the other Chinese paper placed us on front page consecutively each week, we still got much more coupons from Metro Chinese. The Chinese markets are very impressive and responsive, we got over 60 coupons in the first two weeks Metro Chinese alone, Metro Chinese definitely will be in our media plan if we do any advertising toward Chinese in the future.
~ James Pyo, Store Manager, Philadelphia Location
Minado Japanese Buffet Restaurant

We are the oldest mattress manufacture in Philadelphia, and we also sell appliances in our warehouse. Though we had some wrong perception of the Asian markets, after we tried with Metro Chinese Weekly, we got calls everyday after we placed an ad on Metro Chinese, 6 months later, my partner even started considering to open a store in Chinatown. Metro Chinese is the only publication we use for the Asian markets.
~ Sheila Huang, Partner, Kassie’s World
Furniture & Appliance]

The last quarter in 2008 is a tough time for all realtors in Philadelphia, many of the realtors in my office started not to come to office in December. I am the only one that came to office everyday and I did 4 transactions. Metro Chinese have been generating great response; two of the four deals are from Metro Chinese Weekly in December alone.
~ Peter Wu, Partner, RE/MAX All stars

“The ad works! And we cancelled our ad on all other Chinese papers, we got many inquires about mortgage rate from the display ad, and we also got many resumes from a small classified ad that we placed in for recruiting a bilingual teller”
~ Paul Shao, Branch Manager, Abacus Bank

The second campaigns showed results on Metro Chinese after we adjusted our promotional program for the Chinese markets. Our bilingual financial consultant opened 5 new accounts from the ad in the two months run of the campaign.
~ Joe Campese, Branch Manager, Citi Bank

Good news! Finally got some Vietnamese patients coming in and setting up eye cosmetic surgery. We set up 2 surgeries yesterday from Metro Viet News and 2 more patients are scheduled to come in next week. 
~ Christina Kim from John Lee, MD, FACs

We did $10,000 of dental service in the first half year of running a quarter page ad on Metro Chinese Weekly. The rate is lower than the local English paper, but the return is higher.
~ Dr. Shaocheng Liu, Prime Dental

We know the ad works, though it takes close to 2 months to see results, clients started to come in now. I just got 3 Chinese customers last week, and two of them spent over $2000 each.
~ Mr. Lee, Lee’s Expert Auto

Can’t believe that two thirds of our customers last Friday are Chinese, we are a Korean restaurant you know, I guess that has something to do with we were on the front page last week.
~ Ruby Bin, owner, Waba Korean Restaurant

The ad works, we got over 10 calls that responding to our Nanny Needed classified ad the first week, and we hired the nanny in the 2nd week.
~ Mr. Albert Zhou, resident, Montgomery County

We know we are getting customers from Metro Chinese though we don’t put in a coupon to check, I am in the market everyday. And by chatting with customers, I know that many of them got to know us through Metro Chinese. We got many Chinese professionals that resides in the suburbs, they are mainly from Metro Chinese Weekly.
~ Ms. Yue Zhen, Store Manager, Spring Garden Supermarket

We have a coupon system to track the ad effectiveness on each paper we advertise with, Metro Chinese out perform every other paper in the Chinese community for the first 6 weeks of test marketing.
~ Sam Chon, Owner, Myung Ga Korean Supermarkets

I don’t ask customers where they got our information, but we will advertise with Metro Chinese until the last day they close their business or we close our door. We know that they are the only paper I can see everywhere I go.
~ Yong Lu, Owner, Success Auto

Everyone in the community knows me now after I started writing for the financial column on the paper, thanks Metro Chinese.
~ Dan Zhang, Financial Columnist, Vantage Point Bank
From the community:
I like the content, and the format, it is very easy to read. And the content is useful and healthy, that’s the paper we want to have in our library for our Chinese readers.
Julien Lee, Philadelphia Library

I used Metro Chinese weekly to reach out to the Chinese owned business in the area for our SBA programs; it is a great tool for us, since it has most complete listing of businesses in the Chinese community.
John Xu, SBA official, SBA

Mary Chan, Owner, Golden City Restaurant

From the very beginning, I know it will be a successful newspaper just by looking at the format they laid out, even though they only got 24 page that time. Now, look at how heavier they are and how thin the other competing paper became.
Cheryl Wang,

It is a popular paper, 500 copies come in on Thursday afternoon each week, it usually would be gone over the weekend.
~ Asian Food Markets, New Jersey

Metro Chinese is an objective paper; we know that how hard it was for this group of young people when they started. Metro weekly really weakened two other older papers, very impressed. Everyone know newspaper is a tough business, but they certainly did very well
Yatsun Wen, President
Pennsylvania Chinese America Chamber of Commerce

Metro Chinese weekly is a responsible paper, they are the only paper that places professional looking newspaper racks in our supermarket and keep good maintenance of them, and all other Chinese paper just scatters on the floor.
Deqi Liu, Owner, Wansheng Supermarket

I can’t believe how fast they grew, look how thick the paper is now, and the other paper became so thin. They must have done something right.
Jack Zhang, Chinatown Association

Metro Chinese is a very good customer; they are very good with payment. They were never late for payment, or bounced a check since we printed for them, the payment can always be cleared in a week we deliver the paper to them. We had so much trouble with some other papers.
Newspaper printing company in NY

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